Taser International (CES 2008)

 - Jan 7, 2008
References: www2.taser & phx.corporate-ir.net
The latest in personal protection gadgets are tasered, er tailored, to the fashion-conscious female demographic. Not only do taser guns come in stylish new designs, but now there's also a two-in-one music player and taser holder from Taser International. They're calling it "fashion with a bite."

The Taser MPH (music player holster) is an alternative to toting gadgets like the obligatory iPod or MP3 player and the potential-to-become-mainstream taser gun.

The Taser C2 comes in leopard print, red hot red and fashion pink. It has a 15 ft range, looks like a stylish electric razor and comes with a training DVD.

"In today's world, maintaining self confidence involves the need for self protection. For independent, self-reliant women, the TASER® C2 is an effective protection device that fits any lifestyle," the company says.

"Don't Tase Me Sis" could become the next new saying!

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