- May 27, 2011
A recent Internet fad to have emerged is the use of LEGO to recreate movie scenes in what is now known as LEGO spoofs. Usually involving some sort of stop-motion animation, YouTube videos of LEGO spoofs range from the poorly executed to the exhilaratingly brilliant. In addition, many film-savvy fanatics also enjoy recreating their favorite movie posters complete with toy actors who closely resemble their real-life counter parts. As such, we've gathered some of the most news worthy LEGO spoofs for you here for your satirical viewing pleasure.

Sifting through these LEGO spoofs, it's not surprising that many celebrities get the :EGO treatment, but were you expecting LEGO figurines of John Lennon, Dr. Dre, and a personal favorite, Jack and Meg White from The White Stripes? I think not. And don't be surprised to see life-sized erections of many of your favorite pop culture celebrities such as Conan O'Brien.

From Nerdy Mancessories to Holiday Star Wars Figurines: