From Gamer Bento Boxes to Vintage Gamer Tributes

 - Nov 27, 2011
These creative Legend of Zelda finds confirm that this lengthy gaming franchise has left a very distinctive mark on popular culture.

If you grew up in a household that held a subscription to Nintendo Power then you most likely followed the adventures of Link and his friends and foes in the Legend of Zelda series. Considered to be one of the most influential franchises in the history of gaming, the Legend of Zelda series has garnered numerous rave reviews and amassed a group of incredibly loyal followers.

Set to release yet another installment (The Skyward Sword) in the saga that started in the '80s, the Legend of Zelda is poised to make history yet again. To celebrate its impending release take a gander at these astounding Legend of Zelda finds and try to imagine what new creations fans and brands will think up once the new game is aglow in households around the globe.

Clever, cute and deliciously nerdy, these Legend of Zelda finds will have you jonesing for a copy of The Skyward Sword.