Tyler Edlin Paints Other Worldly Landscapes and Characters

 - Nov 19, 2011
References: tyleredlinart & creativesauce.tumblr
The best modern artists all gravitate towards the video game industry, and Tyler Edlin is a perfect example of that. Drawing inspiration from, and no doubt being a major influence on, the lush and vivid landscapes of modern gaming, Edlin excels at creating worlds that are familiar, but way more awesome than anything human eyes have seen on Earth.

If you're wondering what drives Tyler Edlin to create such amazing pieces of digital art, one quote from his website pretty much sums it up: "Tyler enjoys creating all things epic." Whether it's a mash-up between memorable Sci-Fi game characters or Link from the Legend of Zelda leading an impressive army, that "epic" quality is present in each one of Edlin's works.