From Revamped Swedish Roadsters to Rusty Auto Murals

 - Dec 8, 2012
Browsing through these kiler Koenigsegg creations is a great way to celebrate the Swedish supercar company's recent milestone.

Koenigsegg recently completed its 100th car, the Agera R Hundera edition, a full ten years after the company opened its doors. That type of production may seem woefully slow, but Koenigsegg takes special care with each it builds. The results of this meticulous build process are reflected both in the price of a Koenigsegg and in its performance. The Agera R sells for $1.711 million, and it can reportedly go as fast as 272 mph when properly equipped (and when the driver disregards his own safety.)

Lamborghini, Ferrari and Bugatti may make more headlines, but do they build a supercar that can run on biofuel? That reason alone make all these kiler Koenigsegg creations must-sees.