From Electrified Bees to Slow Motion Snail Photography

 - Sep 6, 2011
Those who fear the creepy-crawly insects of the world are unlikely to find these insect captures all that appealing, but they really are super cool. Whether or not your a big animal, insect or pet-lover, these insect captures offer a fun slice of science for viewers.

Photographers who dare to capture the tiniest of insect creatures undoubtedly have a keen eye for detail, which certainly pays off with insect captures like these. From bugged-out photography to silver-coated critters, this insect photography has created a new realm of insectography.

Implications - Embracing insects and other animals is a great way for companies and artists to demonstrate their compassionate sides and love of the environment. Companies that promote such animal-friendly initiatives will undoubtedly pierce consumer's soft-spots and appear socially aware.