Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Generated Unprecedented Media Coverage

 - Oct 31, 2012
Amidst the hurricane Sandy aftermath, it is important to the note the unprecedented coverage on the Internet as the population became journalists in their own respect.

Live updates, manipulated photography and memes have taken over the Internet as a result of the superstorm. With the ability to share information at lightning fast speeds, open dialogue and instantaneous media aided with precautionary measures as well as vastly informative content. This conversation took on various forms as the Internet saw the effects of the Frankenstorm.

For instance, the Instacane website featured live photos of the hurricane by publishing posts from Instagram with the hashtag #sandy. There was also humorous coverage as the Hurricane Sandy Meme was generated to reference another infamous Sandy from the musical Grease. Social media, and the Internet as a whole contributed in making the hurricane Sandy aftermath accompanied by crowdsourced content that reflects on society culturally.