The Hurricane Sandy Instacane Website Posts As-It-Happens Photos

 - Oct 29, 2012
References: instacane
A new blog was recently created that is posting all the Instagram tags for the upcoming storm known as the Hurricane Sandy Instacane website. It uses hashtags used on photographs that say "#sandy" and posts them in an up-to-date archive.

Some of the photos are pretty remarkable and show some of the early destruction of the storm, while others are rather humorous and make light of the situation. One such photo has a photoshopped Godzilla rising up out of the ocean during the storm. Another interesting photo is the snapshot of an airport flight chart displaying every flight as canceled.

Unfortunately, some photos have absolutely nothing to do with the incoming storm, but that is just the risk you take with such a broad hashtag. Some of the photos seem to maybe just feature people named Sandy.