From Facetious Physical Education Tees to Ironic Comedian T-Shirts

 - Aug 30, 2013
This collection of humorous graphic tees makes a wide variety of pop culture references. This includes rap song lyrics, Saturday Night Live digital shorts and puns galore. Many feature prints that have been comically redesigned in some ways, such as Bruce Lee as a DJ or old politicians drinking from red solo cups.

These t-shirts appeal to both men and women. Depending on the pop culture reference, the usually unisex styles will appeal to different demographics. These trends also include a few tank tops, which are more likely to speak to females.

These casual tops are best worn on weekends or in a school environment. However if you find yourself in a situation similar to Cara Delevingne and in desperate need of clean laundry, you might find yourself wearing the 'Last Clean t-shirt' any day of the week.