The Calm Down T-shirt is Aimed at Gym Class Heroes

 - Feb 17, 2013
References: Skreened & geekalerts
The Calm Down T-shirt sends a message to those overly-competitive gym class participants who forget they are playing a friendly game and get way too intense.

This t-shirt focuses on a situation most people have witnessed in their school careers: a super competitive kid takes gym class way too seriously. While focus and intensity is paramount in sports, remembering your surroundings and the level of your competition is key to being a graceful winner. This t-shirt sends a message loud and clear reading "Calm Down Bro It’s P.E. Not the Olympics."

The t-shirt is cool because it brings to light those hilarious moments when a certain somebody takes life a bit too seriously. It creates a bond between people who read it and identify with its message.