From Drop-Crotch Couture to Harem Pants

 - Apr 3, 2010   Updated: May 26 2011
Love 'em or leave 'em, these hot harem pants are all the rage this season. Whether you identify harem pants with designer runways or MC Hammer and Aladdin, these iconic trousers are easy to spot and hard to rock in real life.

We've clustered a number of the season's hot harem pants here--and, just for fun, there are even some not-so-hot selections.

Implications - From the early 90s, baggy clothing has been attributed to hip-hop music, giving it a street cred that consumers are attracted to. It faded for a little while, but now this fashion is making a comeback with a more couture appeal. Brands are now transforming it into a draped, slim-fit style that provides a layered look. What can be learned from this is that old styles never go out of fashion if they are adapted to modern-day looks.