From Hobbit-Inspired Face Warmers to Mini Hobbit Homes

 - Dec 26, 2012
Venture to the middle earth with any of these Hobbit inspired designs.

As the much anticipated film continues to do successfully in the box office, it truly shows how many fans the Hobbit franchise has amassed. For those diehard fans out there, you may want to show your deep fondness for the franchise by sporting a middle earth face warmer, which will not only make you look like one of the elvens seen in the movie, but will also keep your whole head nice and warm during the frigid months. Or, for those who are serious fans with a bit of cash to spare, why not splurge on a house that looks identical to the Hobbit home Bilbo Baggins resides in.

Whether you spend your money on going to see the movie or going a step further and splurging on any of these Hobbit-inspired designs, it is apparent that the Hobbit will be infinitely remembered.