The Balloon Bag End is a Detailed Model Using 2,600+ Balloons

 - Nov 12, 2012
References: likecool
Balloon artist Jeremy Telford uses over 2,600 balloons to recreate the famous hobbit's home in the Shire: a balloon Bag End.

In the span of three days, the Balloonimations artist tirelessly inflated countless colorful balloons to recreate Bilbo Baggins's home. Using 10+ hours a day, Jeremy Telfold managed to build a very detailed replica containing cupboards, a blazing fire, intricately designed chairs and even a chandelier. It's unimaginable how many balloons were popped in this process and the artist's effort and commitment should be greatly commended. While it is going to be extremely sad to see his hobbit habitat deflate and shrivel up, it's comforting knowing what masterpieces can be created by fans, especially with The Hobbit movie releasing in theatres next month.