The Hobbit Hole Bedroom is Magically Accurate

 - Oct 7, 2012
References: facebook & nerdapproved
Looking exactly like where you would imagine Bilbo Baggins would sleep, the Hobbit Hole Bedroom would make any Hobbit feel at home.

Including many of the details as described by J. R. R. Tolkien in his book The Hobbit, this bedroom features wooden furniture and flooring, circular windows and painted shadows along the wall to make it feel as though the ceiling is curved. This cozy setting could easily be imagined to be located inside of the grass covered hills that Hobbits love to dwell in. With all these details and little touches including a painting that could be an elderly Hobbit, the room looks like it could be part of the Lord of the Rings movie set.

Get inspired by the magic of the Hobbit Hole Bedroom.