From Designer Sneakers to Limited Edition Basketball Kicks

 - Sep 29, 2013
Footwear has made leaps and bounds with regard to high-end men's sneakers. It is becoming more common to see high-end 'high-fashion' sneakers on the streets, runways and even in sport.

Sneakers first emerged as a tool of sport, a functional piece of footwear for its utilitarian usage. The sneaker also was a form-fitting tool of comfort. Since a dramatic change in the 1980s, sneakers have emerged as objects within realms outside of sport, and as of recent, designer labels have been pushing high-end sneaker models.

Most luxury sneakers are either limited-edition basketball (or sport-related), celebrity endorsed or designer made. High fashion sneakers can range from the mid-$300s to up to $10,000 for certain models. The transition of the sneaker into different realms (sport, fashion and so forth), is interesting and has never been more apparent than right now.