- Oct 3, 2014
These tasty herb cocktails range from basil mojito pops to mint beer ales that are both healthy and refreshing. Herb flavors are not only a staple of teas and health drinks but are also a popular additive for alcoholic cocktail recipes.

These tasty herb cocktails illustrate mixologists' appreciation for herb ingredients and prove that one can indulge without having to be completely unhealthy.

A memorable example from this list include Joy the Baker's Mint and Cumin salted lassi recipe. The beverage features a rich flavor that is enhanced by its herb ingredients. Its salty taste is infused with sweet ingredients, creating the perfect flavor balance.

Furthermore, Bryant Park Hotel takes herb favoring to another level with their Cellar Bar soup cocktails that are inspired by three seasonal broth flavors.

From Mint Beer Ales to Basil-Infused Citrus Cocktails: