From Portable Pong Consoles to Nostalgic Gamer Suds

 - Apr 3, 2011
Handheld gaming mods have been around since the original Game Boy, but thanks to advances in technology, they are now so epic and awesome as to warrant new attention. Gaming on the go is often the best way to pass any amount of time spent away from your go-to gaming console at home. Regular handheld gaming systems are just fine, but I'd much rather spend my morning commute playing on one of these modded handhelds.

These handheld gaming mods are seriously epic -- at least, if you fancy yourself a gamer. Imagine being able to play SEGA Dreamcast games or N64 games without needing a TV or the actual retro consoles. If the thought of playing Goldeneye 007 in the backseat almost makes you pass out, you're definitely going to want to click through all of these awesome handheld gaming mods.