- Apr 10, 2013
Any fashionista looking to incorporate their purse obsession into other areas of their life will definitely love these handbag-inspired tech accessories, which showcases average tech devices shaped like amazing satchels and carriers.

These chic accessories are a creative way to turn your otherwise average tech devices into stylish designs that you could proudly showcase with your overall ensemble. From cellphone cases that are designed like miniature handbags with chain handles to adorably quilted camera cases, these stylish tech accessories adds a fun and girly touch to your set of high-tech devices. What better way to showoff your overall style than by outfitting your tech items with stylish-looking accessories?

If you're looking to accentuate your cellphone or iPad cases with designs that replicate sleek designer purses, then these handbag-inspired tech accessories will definitely make people walking by stop and take notice.

From Couture Mobile Accessories to Posh Tablet Pouches: