From Deadly Gruesome Manicures to Mass Murder Garments

 - Oct 23, 2013
If you're a fan of pranks, outfits and accessories inspired by Halloween blood-splatter are a fun and harmless way to trick people into believing you've just stepped out of a horror film.

For people who love dressing up to scare on October 31st, you can easily pull off grotesque looks that will make people turn their heads. For example, for a full blood effect, wearing a dress that looks entirely covered in blood will definitely have people doing a double take. If you want to enhance the gore even further, you can pair the dress with blood splattered heels or even a purse that appears to be covered in blood.

If you're looking for a subtle approach to show off fake blood that will still catch people's attention, play up your nail art and create a spooky Halloween blood-splatter look on your hands.