From Outrageous Hairstyle Trends to Modern Inflatable Furniture

 - Aug 6, 2013
Today's top trends hone in on some of the hottest hairstyle trends in fashion. While the ombre look has remained relevant and increasingly popular in hair salons all over the world, a remix of the look was recently introduced. Undeniably inspired by the classic ombre look, people can now buy two-toned hair extensions that mimic the fading from dark at the top, to lighter at the bottoms. These two-toned accessories come in a rainbow of electric colors including pink, purple and turquoise.

The ELLE Canada 'Masterpiece Theatre' editorial takes runway and haute couture hair to the next level as it features models with extreme volume, messily buzzed heads and unsuspecting breads. For more insight into today's most popular hairstyle trends, check out the 2013 Trend Reports.