Twenty-Year-Old Artist Flora Borsi Re-Imagines Iconic Paintings

 - Aug 5, 2013
References: bbc
A young upcoming photographer and digital artist, Flora Borsi, has created "real people" from well-known abstract paintings. One of the works uses Picasso’s "Woman With a Green Hat" where Borsi morphs her features to replicate the figure in the painting. Her digital masterpiece shows us what it would be like if real-life models were used in order to paint these works. She also toys with the idea of the "abstract" and throws us into an uncanny world.

The power of Photoshop is also revealed, where the imaginative world can be moulded into a real world with the help of a computer (and talent of course)! Each piece takes Borsi 12 hours to produce as she has to find the right clothing, makeup and accessories. This 20-year-old digital artist takes the flat, lifeless characters from each abstract painting and makes them 3D. Now suddenly the art world doesn’t seem so far off from the real world…