From Heart-Bursting Java Beans to Haunting Vino Packaging

 - Aug 8, 2013
Since horror movies are continuing to delight fans all over the globe, there's no surprise as to why these examples of grim product branding are utilizing such spooky and eerie tactics to attract consumers.

With violent films and gruesome imagery become such a staple within mainstream movies and television shows, audiences are becoming much more comfortable and nonchalant about the whole concept, encouraging marketers to utilize these spooky references on their product labels. From vodka products that feature supernatural beings on the front to food packages that resemble corpses or skeletons, these grim product branding examples are showcasing that eerie images are becoming a staple within mainstream society.

Sure to attract consumers with an eye for disturbing imagery, these examples of grim product branding will definitely make a bold impact on any retail shelf.