- Mar 26, 2012
Former model Grace Coddington has been at Vogue US since 1988, where she acts as creative director and has styled many of the publication's most memorable and significant editorials. Coddington, who experienced a car accident affecting her eyelid and subsequently changed her plans for a modeling career, appeared as a key player in the 2009 fashion documentary 'The September Issue,' on the production of 2007's September issue of Vogue US.

In 2011, it was announced that Grace Coddington's memoir would be published in the fall of 2012 by Random House. It was reported that the book deal went for $1.2 million. The memoir will span from Grace Coddington's early life in Wales, her time spent modeling in London during the 1960s and her journey as a stylist and editor at British Vogue and later, joining Anna Wintour at Vogue US.

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