From a Deep Fried Version of the Dish to Elbow-Shaped Containers

 - May 18, 2012
From the first time one creates a crafty macaroni piece of jewelry for Mom in kindergarten to the blue box days of munching down on KD, one's love of gooey mac and cheese morsels doesn't tend to fade with age.

The cheesy pasta dish is a delightful, yet calorie-rich option to chow down on. Mixing cheese with just about anything tends to be delicious, but there is something about the combination of that cheese flavor mixed with tender pasta noodles that takes that tempting taste up a notch.

One of the more fattening, yet satisfying variations of the dish involves a soul food method of deep frying or baking the confection until it's crisp to perfection. The meal no longer even has to be served warm to curb those cravings as candy creations of the food makes for a snack-worthy selection.