‘Patadoigt' Thimble-Shaped Dip-Scooping Digit Tips

 - Feb 1, 2009
References: juliehhh & trendsnow.net
Julie Rothhahn takes finger food literally with her ‘Patadoigt’ invention. These innovative little appetizer and dip-scooping devices are perfect for cocktail parties or getting kids to eat a healthy veggie-filled salsa.

The thimble-shaped appy’s name ‘Patadoigt’ translates to "mean pasta finger," which is just what they are. Multiple holes allow for maximum dip retention and the colorful little monster shapes are definitely kid-friendly. I wonder, however, about their texture: Are they dried and crunchy like a chip or more like a chewy cooked noodle?

Apparently, they come in basil, paprika and cumin flavors, but unfortunately, I could not locate a purveyor of the snacks.