- Dec 14, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
Show off your sense of style day or night with these glowing fashion statements. Just because it's pitch black outside doesn't mean your hat or shoes should go unnoticed.

These glowing fashion statements are a great way to attract attention in a crowded nightclub or bar. What man wouldn't want a woman wearing lingerie that glows through her clothes?

Implications - This cluster of 19 glowing fashions statements is absolutely phenomenal. This collection will have you reconsidering what you think should and should not glow; ultimately -- if you are like me -- you will think that everything should glow. This collection feels very much inspired by the glow stick rave parties of the early 90s. Get into a trance with these fantastic glowing fashion statements.

From Glowing Court Kicks to Glow in the Dark Lingerie: