From Sultry Sci-Fi Lingerie to Comic Book Bras

 - Aug 24, 2012
With Fan Expo underway and avid fans anxiously putting the final touches on their costumes, why not go the extra mile and slip on some of these geeky undergarments? Instead of putting all of your effort towards the exterior of the outfit, these garments ensure that the nerdy look saturates the ensemble to the depths of its core.

With these geeky undergarments, ladies and gentlemen can lovingly adorn their private bits in geeky, sci-fi and gamer-themed fashions. Pay tribute to Xbox controllers, Pokeballs and R2-D2 in uncommonly seductive fashions.

No matter which of these outfits one decides to wear, they are sure to be received positively by both male and female counterparts. Whoever said geeks and nerds could never be scandalous or seductive, obviously has not perused this lingerie collection.