The Xbox 360 Controller Bra is a Nerd-Themed Female Chest Supporter

 - Jul 28, 2012
References: etsy & walyou
This Xbox 360 Controller Bra may be an undergarment, but with its snazzy and sultry design, users will want the whole world to see what they have concealed under their shirts. Hand painted to resemble the popular game console controllers, this brassiere is the latest creation by SceeneShoes, an Etsy store specializing in quirky bras. If you thought this chest supporter is outrageous, you should know SceeneShoes also offers bras with entire Super Mario Bros. scenes painted onto them!

As each Xbox 360 Controller Bra is lovingly hand painted, orders often take at least five weeks to complete. It comes in all sizes, though women who are more endowed will have to pay extra for specialty sizes. These minor inconveniences are nothing, however, in comparison to the fact that you get to wear your favorite game console controller close to your heart.