- Aug 24, 2017
These gamified retail experiences show just how powerful interactive events, packaging, and more can be when it comes to making a brand or product memorable.

One example is Shanghai's 'Runner Camp,' a space that fuses fitness and retail into one. As the Runner Camp sells sportswear on its lower level, the expansive staircases, track, and full gym that are featured throughout make it the perfect space for consumers to test out the functionality of their purchases. Additionally, those shopping are likely to be inspired by others who are utilizing the fitness equipment, pushing them to buy more.

Also included in these gamified retail experiences in the new La Mer Lotion, which comes in interactive packaging that's inspired by pinball. As the packaging features a silver ball that can be rolled around the maze-like design, it functions as an entertaining addition that prompts consumers to look at the product longer and share it with friends and family.

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