- May 15, 2011
Fujitsu has always seemed to me to be a tech company that is forward-thinking with its designs and products. I didn't realize just how forward-thinking Fujitsu was until I rounded up all of these futuristic Fujitsu innovations.

Fujitsu doesn't seem to be comfortable following the pack with its electronics. No, Fujitsu goes hard or goes home with designs such as a robotic talking teddy bear and a cellphone with dual touchscreens.

The best part about all of these futuristic Fujitsu innovations is that there seems to be a solid shot at a few of them seeing the light of day. I wouldn't bet on the virtual flower base hitting stores anytime soon, but I am willing to bet that this time three years from now I'll be texting on a dual touchscreen phone.

From Transparent Tech Tables to Talking Stuffed Animals: