From Big Name Collaborations to Teenage Maternity Wear

 - Sep 28, 2011
Although an economic recession is still lurking in the minds of many, consumers still want to shop, which is where retail giants like Forever 21 come in and offer ideal items for chic individuals. Affordable for any budget and always staying on top of the latest trends, the retailer really does have it all.

While the store consistently provides shoppers with basic apparel, accessories, and beauty products, Forever 21 also occasionally steps up its game with collaborations with the likes of Hello Kitty and impressive, big name designers like Brian Lichtenberg.

Although Forever 21 has had its share of controversies (like releasing a line targeted at pregnant teens), it always seems to come out on top. Time and time again, the retail giant proves that shoppers want to remain forever twenty-one, or at least dress like it.