From Fast Food Mobile Ordering Apps to At-Home Espresso Subscriptions

 - May 11, 2017
For many busy consumers, food is all about convenience and accessibility, which is why the various food services included in this cluster have proven so popular.

An example of one of the food services that's included are the late-night meal deliveries from Jack in the Box -- which allow consumers to place orders with Door Dash until 1AM, and even 3AM at some locations within the United States. With this, consumers who are coming back from the bar, or who just up late studying or catching up on Netflix, can get all the snacking material they need.

Another example are the envelope-sized cake sliced that were created by Cake Nest. As each of the slices is cut to the same dimensions as a traditional birthday card, consumers can said their loved ones a piece of delicious cake in the mail -- with a wide range of flavors available. In addition, Cake Nest offers cake on a subscription basis so that its consumers can conveniently try out its different flavors.