Unconventional Edible Pictorials to Make you Hungry and Curious

 - Nov 13, 2010   Updated: Mar 31 2011
Standard food photography aims to make edibles seem as appetizing as possible, which can sometimes be a little boring; however, some photographers try to spice it up a bit, making for fully satisfying photographic spreads.

Here is a list of unconventional edible portraiture, from floating food photography to maniacal mealtography.

Implications - Most people like to judge food based on what they see before even considering taking a bite. That's why chefs are always coming up with creative food presentations; so that they cook up scrumptious meals that are eye candy as well. In the artistic world, photographers have followed, only they're a lot more playful and loose with their use of food. Even outside the restaurant industry, the creative crowd has found a way to make even the most obscure food look appetizing.