From Food Apparel to Deceptive Sandwich Purses

 - Jun 10, 2013
Sandwich-inspired food apparel is a quirky way to show off how much you’re into all sorts of sandwiches, burgers and subs-inspired foods.

They say you are what you eat, so if you munch out on sandwiches it makes sense to wear something sandwich-inspired to show off your food-loving personality. While some food apparel is a bit excessive, others integrate food in subtle ways -- like with simple food-inspired pattern design. Some people are brave enough to wear shirts with juicy burgers on them and others prefer less blatant food designs, like small pineapple prints. Either way, how far into the food apparel craze you want to go is completely up to your taste.

From over-the-top and full-out juicy hamburger t-shirts for the ultimate foodie, sandwich-inspired studs for the chic foodie or lunch-storing outerwear for the subtle food lover, there are sandwich-inspired apparel options out there for everyone -- if you’re adventurous enough to wear what you eat.