From Botanical Snakeskin Sneakers to Masculine Floral Kicks

 - Jun 4, 2015
With summer fast approaching, these floral footwear designs are the perfect way to spruce up any wardrobe. Ranging from subtle details to intricate designs, these floral-inspired kicks are sure to make you excited for the warmer months ahead.

For fans of sneakers, floral is a popular choice for adding a little bit of style to your athletic wear. Some designs feature artful embroidery that adds a luxury twist to classic botanical prints. Other examples of floral-inspired sneakers seem to take a more subtle approach, adding details such as high-quality embossing for a colorless flower pattern.

And while florals are traditionally thought of as an ultra-feminine print, designers have recently begun experimenting with more masculine floral designs. One standout example is Nike's camouflage-themed print, which is a men's sneaker with an unexpected floral twist. It seems that regardless of gender, these floral footwear designs are a captivating choice for making your shoes stand out in any crowd.