- Nov 2, 2009   Updated: Apr 28 2011
Your fingerprint is perhaps the most distinctive part of your external persona, so it's no wonder that we've seen so many fingerprint-focused innovations. This slideshow aims to collect the best of these fingerprint creations, from futuristic biometric scanning devices for personal and commercial uses to jewelry that you can personalize with your fingerprint.

Check out these and more fingerprint-focused features below.

Implications - The idea of the fingerprint is literally unique, as fingerprints are not alike and can be used as a tool to identify a person. Because of this, companies have been creating unique ways to capitalize on the idea of true uniqueness through items such as fingerprint wedding bands and paying by finger. This innovation is creating a sense of security for the consumer as well as a personalized touch on their products.

From Biometric Scanning Systems to Fingerprint Jewelry: