- May 12, 2011
Faux literary covers bring books you wish existed into the real world. Through retooling of text and images, artists are able to serve up a slice of commentary that's usually missing in the original covers they are emulating.

A common thread found throughout these fictional literary covers is its prominent use of humor. It's also interesting to note that all these covers are visually indistinguishable from ones you'd find at your local bookstore, strengthening the illusion that these books could tangibly exist.

The most prominent genre to get a cover revamp is the comic book, which is to be expected since comics and humor go hand-in-hand, but there are some who take the cover revamp idea further and have used faux literary covers as cards for their personal save-the-dates. Now that's taking parody to a whole new level.

From Comic Book Parodies to Creative Save-The-Dates: