Tintin Comics Kick Ass With a Dan Hipp Science Fiction Makeover

 - May 11, 2011
References: ca.io9 & theawesomer
The Tintin classics have undergone a few changes, thanks to cartoonist Dan Hipp. If you like Star Wars, Alien and Tron, but thought Tintin needed a bit more pizazz, then these comic covers are the answer to your troubles.

Dan Hipp imbues these classic comics with pop color and science fiction hilarity. On one cover, Tintin assumes the role of the sex-symbol Hans Solo as he stands ruggedly posed with a smoking gun. Even his little dog Snowy is equipped for this extraterrestrial world with futuristic ear mufflers for protection. One thing's for certain, this Tintin looks a whole lot more intimidating than the original. Dan Hipp does a great job fusing the popular comic with science fiction classics to create these unique covers.