From Dotted Sporty Kicks to Blinding Rosy Sneakers

 - Aug 4, 2012
These feminine Nike shoes show off the softer site of the sporting brand.

Often created for special edition or collaboration collections, these particularly beautiful designs add even more style to sporting goods. Decidedly more daring and offbeat than most of the products that the brand churns out, these girly sneakers are perfect for those who want to add sporty flair to everyday outfits. Offering a sleek design with more interesting and softer colors, these shoes reflect a more diverse understanding of what sneakers are supposed to look like. Though many ladies prefer to deck out their feet in more traditional footwear, daring fashionistas will go wild for these wide-ranging and stylish sneakers.

Bringing a much-needed dash of feminine energy to Nike, these designs appeal to more style-conscious consumers looking to stay on the cutting-edge of fashion.