From Face Recognizing Faucets to Faucets That Follow Your Hands

 - Aug 25, 2009   Updated: Jun 21 2011
From face-recognizing faucets to faucets that follow your hands, these water-spouting works of art will keep your house looking sleek and stylish while keeping you fresh and clean. 

Kitchen and bathroom sink fixtures with two knobs and a pipe (get your mind out of the gutter) leave too much for the imagination. Futuristic faucets which fill the void of bathroom boredom are here to stay!

Implications - From origami faucets to face-recognizing faucets, home owners are looking to purchase home necessities that will stand out against what the cookie cutter homemaker would have. By possessing a unique item in their household, it gives the owner a feel of prestige over their friends and family.