The Miscea by Mathis Heller

 - Aug 15, 2008
References: miscea & welldesign
This innovative design by Mathis Heller, of WeLL Design, combines the latest sensor technology with LEDs to provide visual feedback by lighting up the chosen sector of the glass interface. The Miscea faucet makes it easy to control water flow, temperature and the dispensing of two additional liquids – soap, disinfectant, lotion or detergent, for example.

A simple hand movement near the interface is enough to activate the required function, providing superior hygiene without the need for direct contact. After use, the device automatically returns to stand-by mode.

With its efficient system of pouch packages for the dispenser function and water savings up to 70%, the system responds perfectly to the growing ecological awareness.

Zeitgeist Design! Ueber-cool!

The Miscea is a nominee for the Design Award of Germany 2009.