From Funky Fuchsia Tresses to Pastel Mosaic Manicures

 - Aug 14, 2012
These FASHION Magazine editorials embody the true aura of the Canadian fashion scene.

The publication is renowned as the most groundbreaking for Canadian fans of all things style-related. The magazine offers a smörgåsbord of stunning editorials, online DIYs and beauty articles that compete in the world stage. Its success is partially based on its talented team that blends international couture with local Canadian talent to create fashion magic.

For instance, the work of fashion director George Antonopoulos stuns with his continued dedication to avant-garde aestheticism and perfectly styled elegance as seen in Legendary Model Editorials. Styling by the genius Caitlan Moneta also contributes to the continued success of the Toronto-based publication such as in the award-winning shoot depicted in Seductively Masked Editorials.

These professionals create boundary pushing editorials that boast continued excellence that inspires national pride in Canadian FASHIONistas.