From Batman Varsity Fashion to Badass NBA Attire

 - Jul 24, 2012
These fan-gratifying jerseys feature unconventional takes on traditional sports apparel.

Some articles of athletic clothing are more reserved in their re-design. Examples of such apparel are those which are made using eco-friendly materials or have the name of a singer instead of an athlete across the back. However, the jersey has been revamped in more interesting ways. For instance, one can purchase a hot dog-clad cycling jersey or fictional Gotham City league wear. There are more absurd re-creations still, as seen in the 'Anti-Sports league' line which turns the athlete-idolizing concept on its head. It uses slogans like 'The Slackers' or 'The No Shows' and negative numbers such as '-1' or '-45' to show their animosity towards sports-loving fans.

Jerseys are no longer a staple for those who want to rep their favorite soccer star -- the style has been mixed into other facets of popular culture so it is appropriate for anyone.