Nike Merveilleux is a Football Kit Made from Plastic Bottles

 - Jan 23, 2011
References: nikemedia
Nike Merveilleux is a football outfit and modern marvel of sustainable fashion designed by Nike for the French Football Federation.

Incredibly, the outfit is made from recycled microfiber polyester that is derived entirely from discarded plastic bottles and organic cotton. In fact, not only is Nike Merveilleux the most eco-friendly line of clothing that Nike has ever produced, but it's also the first entire outfit of any kind to be made from this material. In this way, it is not only a groundbreaking step forward for the eco agenda of the French Football Federation and Nike, but also for environmentally sustainable fashions worldwide. For those looking to get their hands on their own versions of the Nike Merveilleux, the football kit will be made available to regular consumers via Nike's website after February 5th.