From Power Station Parking Lots to Wireless Car Charging

 - Mar 26, 2011
It'd probably be a good idea to click through all of these exceptional EV chargers a time or two before you rush out to buy a new Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt. The electric car has been recently resurrected from the dead due to a combination of increased eco-awareness and alarmingly high gas prices. Unfortunately, the resurrection of the electric car has lead to a resurrection of one of the fears that doomed it. How will you keep an electric car juiced up?

The answer to that questions lies within this top list filled with exceptional EV chargers. Everything you need to keep your electric car fully juiced can be found here, including at-home wireless charging pads and apps that help you find the nearest available outlet. Don't let the fear of running out of electricity scare you away from the car of the future (calling it now). Liberate yourself from fear and doubt and check out all of these exceptional EV chargers today.