Quench Your Thirst and Electronic Vehicle in One Stop

 - Mar 15, 2011
References: physorg & ecogeek.org
Soon to be made reality in Japan, EV-charging vending machines will allow drivers to quench their thirst and electronic vehicles in one fell, eco-friendly swoop.

Can you imagine the possibility of these awesome, Japanese EV-charging vending machines being embraced in other countries? It may take awhile and I’m sure there will be a few trials and tribulations along the way, such as; how they will affect curb-side traffic and the length of time required to charge a vehicle.

As the world is becoming more eco-conscious everyday and, subsequently, looking for more innovative environmental saving ideas, I think EV-charging vending machines are definitely something the vending machine businesses will be keeping their eyes on. Who knows, perhaps electronic vehicle chargers will be placed on all vending machines, whether they carry drinks or food.