From Badass Beaded Platforms to Fierce Spiky Heels

 - Oct 16, 2011
Fashion is often about flash, and shoe designers are making sure their goods deliver on just that. This list of embellished heels shows just how far we've come in terms of high-heeled embellishments and accents.

Over the years, embellishments have gone from being as simple ass pretty crystal beads to as eye-popping and badass as spikes, studs, zippers and more. Printed shoes are only a basic form of embellishment, while pom poms, horns, bone, wire and even lights round up the more daring kind of stiletto accoutrements.

If you're a shoe fanatic, you'll love this list. From colorful color-blocked heels to platforms that are literally covered in toys, these embellished heels are sure to make any amazing shoe collection look drab in comparison.