From Boldly Sleek Beauty Shoots to Sensual Upscale Photography

 - Nov 11, 2012
Elle Vietnam fashion editorials are breathtaking to say the least. They capture the beauty of the orient blended with a bit of Western influence.

Each picture showcases a model beautifully glamorized with the utmost poise. Stylists pay strict attention to the shine in the model's hair, the rouge of their lips and the way the fabrics drape across their bodies. Flipping through the pages, beauty emits from the photographs. In the September 2012 edition, Sung Hee Kim stared back at viewers dressed in the image of a 1920s doll. Every hair was in place and her cheek bones were flatteringly accentuated with a copper rouge blush.

The power Elle magazine holds over fashion is far-reaching, stretching across boundaries and borders. The Elle Vietnam fashion editorials depict some of the more elegant minimalist shots that bind the photographer, the model and the viewer together.