Reinventing Eddie Van Halen, Extreme Work Spaces and Dangerous Innovations

 - Oct 7, 2008
Today's Top 20 is being driven by 50 unique rings, which was inspired by Eddie Van Halen's cliche engagement to publicist Janie Liszewsk. Just behind Eddie Van Halen, we've got extreme work spaces, 21 Dangerous Innovations and Decorating with stationary.

Just to clarify, the reason Eddie Van Halen is getting picked on is because he's a rockstar who got engaged on one knee at Tiffany & Co... At Trend Hunter, we've seen enough innovative wedding rings and proposals that we expect more from bad ass celebrities.

My personal fav today would have to be the dangerous innovations. From hurricane street tubing to daredevil soccer, it's a pretty good list of ways to pepper a little more danger into your life.