Jason Hackenwerth's Captivating Balloons

 - Oct 7, 2008   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: jasonhackenwerth
Incredible. Jason Hackenwerth’s material of choice for his sculptures is balloons. Hundreds and hundreds of balloons.

He blows them up and and strings them together in unusual forms to create sculptural pieces of animals, insects or aliens.

Quirky, playful and colourful, like all balloons they slowly deflate over time which add another dimension to these pieces.

Implications - Balloon animals, once the realm of sideshow clowns and entertainers at kids' parties, found new life amid the recession as consumers looked for ways to cheer up. Savvy artists took advantage of this need for happiness and reinvented classic forms of kids' entertainment for adults; in this example, hundreds of balloons were turned into gigantic art installations.